About Me

Like many people, I was born. I grew up listening to some of the greatest, most historic radio personalities and stations of all time. I am a native of Nashville, Tennessee, home to more artists and recording studios than ever before.

I have been heard all around the world through two Internet radio stations. I also have twenty years public speaking experience. I can effectively comunnicate to an audience of any size. My voice has been described as soothing, relaxing, and smooth. I have also been described as dark, wild, and entertaining. Rest assured, I bring all my vocal talent to the table. With a vocal palette rich in texture, I can go from zany to romantic in under three seconds!

I am also a self-described computer geek, building my current home studio from scratch. If something breaks in the studio, I can probably fix it!

Jamey Lewis Voiceovers, Nashville, Tennessee Email: info@hirethisvoice.com