"It's ***** good."--Nancy Wolfson,
Brain Tracks Audio


" I wanted to tell you that I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the commercial you did for NashvilleLIfe.com!  I'm going to get it on the air right away." --
Shannon McNaron, NashvilleLife.com

"What more to say? Thanks and thanks again, the voiceover rocks.. Morgan feels so much alive now" --
Carlo Piscicelli,


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Radio Imaging Demo

Character Demo

Commercial Demo

Audiobook Demo

Featured Projects:

I am proud to have written, voiced, and produced the latest commercial campaign for NashvilleLife.com! Click here for the new commercial.

I also voiced the main character for DAYHARD, an add-on mod for the game Half-Life. Click the picture to watch the trailer.

Jamey Lewis Voiceovers, Nashville, Tennessee Email: info@hirethisvoice.com